MySpace’s DailyFill Joins The Celebrity Gossip Game

→ by Alaska Miller < @alaskamiller >
at 10:00am Dec 9, 2008

To make your life better MySpace’s not-so-secret skunkworks, Slingshot Labs, released a gossip blog, the Yes, yet another one for you to read.

I, for one, won’t be judging you if like to be updated constantly on the birthing status of that blonde girl and that blonde guy or the daily whereabouts of that actor guy. To put it simply, this whole site is exactly the same thing after all — except LA techies get snapped via iPhone cams. Sidebar: send us some!

The DailyFail DailyFill sports a shiny and slick design and aggregates most of its contents from its content partners such as and, but the best innovation they bring to the game is their cougar button. Finally, something concise to let people know what they’re already thinking: hot women are hot.

Valleywag is also saying that a Slingshot engineer let it slip the whole site was just thrown together in a matter of weeks. VentureBeat picked up on the fact that Shira Lazar — LA’s online and tv media princess — got a sneak peek back in mid-November. Either way, someone’s gotta pretend they’re worth the paycheck after playing too much World of Warcraft at work.

(Banner photo by Mark Turner)

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