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at 9:30am May 11, 2009


n. The state of being without a job, yet having the resources to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.

Francisco is funemployed, so after his workout on Wednesday morning, he went down to the beach house for a barbecue with margaritas and horseshoes.

Some might say unemployment is on the rise, but lucky for you so is funemployment! Especially here in Los Angeles, a town that was already well-known for its odd careers.

People, and I mean A LOT of people, make a living doing very little. Let’s meet a few of our favorites and see how they do it.



Photo by iJustine

Justine Ezarik or iJustine, as she is known by her Apple slave name, is a lifecaster. Web 2.0′s answer to the Jennicam, just much better-looking. We don’t totally understand what Justine does for a living. We see her shill for various companies and make adorable videos. Bravo to her if she can pay the rent off this. She must live on the east side.



Mixergy founder Andrew Warner has been both lucky in love and business. If you believe what you read on the Internet, Andrew was in fact very lucky in business. This has afforded him some runway to try his hand at his own startup. What started as an evite-like competitor has shifted gears to a resource for other entrepreneurs.  Andrew manages to interview some of the best in the business and has a great time doing it.


fun-francisco1Photo (CC) Brian Solis, and

Francisco Dao is a well known local funtrepreneur. It’s a natural fit when you learn that, in a former life, he was both a standup comic and life coach. Tired of having to make a scene at other people’s events, Francisco started to arrange his own unique series of fun-inspired get-togethers. Rumor has it he may even make a career out of it, bringing you a new type of tech event, with a twist.



Media Empress Shira Lazar enjoys the good life. Due to the nature of her funemployement, Shira’s travel is usually comped and dinner tab picked up. Her total amount of unique jobs is second only to her long list of admirers.


fun-paige-craig1Photo (CC) Brian Solis, and

International man of mystery Paige Craig has built businesses in the middle of wars zones, no really. When he’s not doing that, you’ll find him at his beachfront condo in Venice or traveling to one of any exotic locales. One thing that makes Paige so much fun is he almost never wants to talk business or web bullshit. Instead, opting to share a story like only he can tell, or dragging you to the bar for shots.


fun-oz1Photo by Bill Cammack

Oz Sultan is funemployed… TO THE EXTREME. If this guy could just make a living out of picking people up and spinning them around, he’d be golden. He has probably left me some of the all time greatest voicemails, usually around 2am.



Photo by Wm. Marc Salsberry

When you’re this good-looking its hard not to be funemployed, no one knows this better than Pete Cashmore. He created a little blog called Mashable–that covers Twitter. We aren’t exactly sure what Pete does for a living, but it does manage to afford him a collection of at least 3 good suits.

There you have it, just a few of our favorite funemployed folks. Have your own? Please let us know in the comments.

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