Spontaneous Combustion? There’s An App For That

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at 9:00am Aug 18, 2009

It’s a phone, a music player, an Internet device… and possibly a bomb. And it comes complete with a team of lawyers to make sure you don’t say a word about it! What is it? An Apple mobile device!

Various sources online are currently reporting on exploding iPhones, iPods and iTouches.

In France, a teen was injured when his girlfriend’s iPhone exploded, Digital Trends reports. His mother, Marie-Dominique Kolega, told the AFP that the iPhone made a hissing noise before exploding and hitting the teen on the head.

According to The Times, earlier this year, a mother in the United States filed against Apple after her son’s iTouch exploded in his pocket and burned his leg.

In the Netherlands, a man’s iPhone spontaneously combusted in his car, burning a hole through the seat, reports the iPhone Niews Blog. Check out this photo below.


The Times Online also reports on Ken Stanborough in England, whose daughter’s iPod Touch also made a hissing sound before exploding. When Stanborough contacted Apple about the device, he was told that they’d gladly give him a refund–but only if he signed a settlement that required him to keep silent on the matter.

The Times elaborates on Apple’s awesome handling of these disturbing incidents:

Last week it emerged that Apple had tried to keep a number of cases where its iPod digital music players had started to smoke, burst into flames and even burned their owners, out of the public eye.

An American reporter obtained 800 pages of documentation on the cases from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) following a Freedom of Information Act request in that country. However, she was unable to get hold of the documents for months after “Apple’s lawyers filed exemption after exemption.”

Way to go Apple!

According to the Dutch iPhone Niews Blog, the European Commission is now seeking clarification from Apple in regard to the incidents that have been reported in the EU. Apple has yet to make a public statement on any of the incidents.

Does this make you think twice about how close you keep your Apple devices?

Photos by Stephen Heywood and Tree and J. Hensdill. Special thanks to @melissabarlow for the tip.

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