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at 9:00am Aug 26, 2009


Los Angeles has two Twitter conferences coming up. Yes two. After all, what fun is one when two will do?

However, in my experience, this industry works much like the epic film Highlander. So that logic tells me there can be only one and these conferences must throw-down with an epic sword fight to the death.

Ok maybe not, but you may be wondering which one is best for you (if any). Robert Scoble weighed in with some of his thoughts yesterday and I wanted to share mine as well.

140 Characters Conference(#140conf)

Jeff Pulver
Jeff has done lots of conferences, he is what you call “old school” in this space. He has a big following and from what I hear puts on a good show. I reached out to Jeff about the upcoming conference and didn’t get much of a reply. The reply felt very east coast and I just assumed he doesn’t get LA Tech, at least its current iteration.

When: October 27rd-28nd
Right before Halloween, spooky!

Where: Kodak Theatre
The same venue that hosts the Academy Awards and American Idol, smack right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. The space is great, the location not so much. Anyone who has spent any time in LA avoids this area like the plague, at least I do.

Cost: $695-$995
Pretty expensive for any conference these days. Due to the economy and a rise in funemployment this is simply too much for most folks. However many can opt for a free ticket in exchange for becoming one of Jeff’s 140 speakers. It makes sense, great exposure and of course the free pass.

What You Get
The format of #140conf is unique, I think it might actually be genius. You get a 140 speakers with various degrees of Twitter mojo, each one giving a short 15-20 minute presentation. Since most speakers tend to babble this keeps things fresh and fast paced. In a microblogging world this format of small bursts of knowledge is very appropriate.

The Twitter Conference (#140tc)

Host: Steve Broback
Steve is less well known but has been producing events through his company Parnassus Group for many years. I just recently learned this show was coming to LA and reached out to him. I got a response right away with some good background on the event.

When: September 22nd-23rd
Unfortunately taking place around the same days as DEMO. Due to the distance between the two events (San Diego and LA) you probably won’t be able to make both.

Where: Skirball Center
If you went to the Digital Family Reunion event you already know this is pretty much the best venue in LA for a tech event. The space is huge, has a great patio for drinking and smoking and, of course, is Westside-friendly.

Cost: $299
The sweet-spot of any conference ticket these days. Just enough for the producer to put on a quality event without breaking your bank.

What You Get
The Twitter Conference LA doesn’t have as many speakers at 140 Characters but the ones it does have are great. Folks like Biz Stone, Guy Kawasaki and the one and only Olivia Munn. The focus here is clearly on Twitter as a platform, including how to build for it.

So there you have it; do you plan to attend one (or both) of these Twitter conferences? Let us know in the comments, you can even say more than 140 characters.

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