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→ by Laurie Percival < @lauriepercival >
at 1:05pm Oct 29, 2009

The #140 Characters Conference took place over the past two days at the Kodak theater here in Los Angeles. It aimed to focus on the real-time effects of using Twitter for business, but what I took away from it had much more to do with seeing people connect in real-time. Here are some of my highlights from the conference, I hope you made a lasting connection or two while you were there.

dom-sagolla(Photo from Adam Tow)

@Dom- Dom Sagolla impressed me with his words of wisdom up on stage during his panel, so as soon as he finished I immediately ran up to him to ask about a program he had mentioned. Dom was kind enough to take a few moments and talk with me. I learned that he helped create Twitter along with Jack and a team of entrepreneurs in SF.

Previously unknown to most of us, he is “coming out” in a big way. His new book “140 Characters; a style guide for the short form” just hit shelves last week and is a comprehensive guide on how you can best utilize the service. It also gives a very in-depth account of how Twitter was hatched, very cool.

drew(Photo by CuriousJosh.com)

@Drew- If you have ever met Drew Olanoff you will understand what I mean when I say you can’t help but love this guy and immediately want to hug him. He just radiates warmth and happiness despite the fact that he has Cancer. His story is one that has touched me many times and brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it.

During his panel, Drew used his time to get people to connect with each other. He encouraged everyone in the room to stop tweeting and take a moment to reach out to someone close them and share a message of love. It was great reminder that no matter how important the knowledge and information we are gathering at a conference is, the people in our lives are so much more important.

marc-salsberry(Photo by CuriousJosh.com)

@Wmmarc – Wm. Marc Salsberry is LA’s resident photographer. He has shot most of the avatars you see the LA tech crew sporting on their profile pages. He got into this business to meet people and he figured the best way to do it was to make people look good, and boy was he right.

His speech, Passion + Cancer = The Perfect Wingman, talked about the overwhelming support he has seen from the community and the tremendous gratitude he feels towards everyone who took part and helped spread the word about his brother Robert. Marc touched so many people in the room with his speech that he got a standing ovation.

jessica-gotlieb(Photo by CuriousJosh.com)

@JessicaGottlieb – There is definitely one word you will hear in a presentation from Jessica that you don’t usually hear from other speakers, Fuck. That’s right, this mommy blogger drops the f-bomb like there’s no tomorrow and we absolutely love her for it. If you think all mommy bloggers are sweet and innocent and talk only about diapers and soccer games you are in for a big surprise and a real treat.

In her panel, Jessica expressed the fact that she is not a marketer but a mommy and shared her tips on how to monetize your Twitter stream. She may have advertised or paid for tweets in her stream but she is up front and honest about it. Like she said, if you know her and trust her and an occasional tweet with an ad in it bothers you, then don’t follow her. Simple as that.

(Photo by CuriousJosh.com)

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