TwitVid: The Only Video Tweeting App For BlackBerry

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at 11:25am Nov 4, 2009

You’ve probably heard the news today, Apple has announced that there are over 100,000 apps available in the app store. While the iPhone app market continues to grow, I can’t help but wonder what all those BlackBerry users get?

One very cool app that I have as a iPhone user that is also available for the BlackBerry is Twitvid. A video sharing app that works with Twitter and is the one and only video tweeting app available in the RIM store. Twitvid is the fastest and most reliable way to tweet video without compromising speed or quality.

I recently caught up with Mo Adham, one of the founders, to talk about Twitvid and find out how they started and their plans for the future.


1. Tell me about the app.

It’s a simple way to upload videos to Twitter. We built it to do robust uploads that way we could ensure that all videos would go up. We took into consideration flaky cell reception as well.

2. Have any other BlackBerry video tweeting apps been released?

No other apps that upload video for the blackberry have been released. We have partnered with others. Ubertwitter recently started using our technology in their app.

3. Do you have plans for any updates or changes for the app? Like integrating some of the features of the site where you can search other members videos and seeing celebrity and suggested videos?

Yes. We are working on making the experience better and improving the speed. We will also be picking a few features to implement and do updates to the app.

4. When did Twitvid launch and how was the idea born?

I met Adil Lalani, the co-founder, in college in Canada. We came up with the technology to make video faster in our dorm room. We started seeing the growth of Twitter and decided to apply the technology to it. We felt it was a good match with Twitter. It launched in July for iPhone and in August for the BlackBerry.

5. So you decided that San Fransisco would be the place to move to launch your app, eh?

Well, entrepreneurship is encouraged in SF. You get support from lawyers, advisors, venture capitalists and you can network with other entrepreneurs and get valuable advice. But we love LA, a lot of our users are from Los Angeles.

Check out their site to see popular members and videos including ones from celebrities. Keep up with them on Twitter by following @Twitvid.

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