How to Talk Yourself (or Your Spouse) Into Buying an Apple Tablet

→ by Sean Percival < @percival >
at 12:14pm Dec 31, 2009

Now that the Apple tablet is a sure thing (see here, here and here) you’ve got some work to do.

Yes you need to start convincing yourself (and maybe a spouse) to part with around $600 for this mythical device. Normally that’s no big deal for most techies, I mean you already have the iPhone, iMac and iDebt. What’s one more more i?

Well do you really need another? Probably, so let’s figure out how you can get it.

1) Dealing with the Spouse


For us married guys our first major obstacle to tablet bliss is probably going to be the wife. Trust me I’ve been there guys, can you imagine what it’s like being married to me? My wife has to deal with the constant fear of Amazon boxes of unknown origin and contents at ALL times. Here are a few techniques that have helped us here in the Percival household.

  • Setup an allowance: Sounds silly I know, but have your wife put you on a monthly gadget allowance. A set amount that you’re allowed to spend on gadgets each month, something like $200, enough for one small gadget. If you want something larger you just need to save your allowance for a few months like a good boy!
  • Share your addiction: If she isn’t already get your wife into online shopping too. Show her how amazing things like Amazon Prime and Gilt can be. Soon enough her own abuse of online shopping can make yours pale in comparison.  Bonus, now you can work through a serious (but fun!) problem together, like real couple.
  • One phrase, “Company bought it for me”: This is great for those last-minute gadget accidents. Just tell your spouse the company bought it for you and you’re saved. That is of course until you get fired and have to “give back” the company equipment. By then you’ll probably be lusting after a new gadget anyway.

2) For the Funemployed

So you’re Funemployed and not making much money these days, I get it. After all why work when you can just hang out on Twitter all day. For you folks it might be really hard to justify spending $600 for yet another Apple Device. So here is what you need to do you little techno-slacker:

  • Get a Job: Call me crazy but I think 2010 is actually going to be a great year for many of you to get a real job. Start applying in January and perhaps you’ll be ready to plunk down the money in March when the tablet becomes available. Oh and bonus, you can pay the rent on time this month!
  • Charge it: Any good funtrepreneur knows how to run up a fair amount of credit card debt. If you were OK with charging that business trip to Vegas you can totally float this too. Just think of how impressed everyone at your office (Starbucks) will be.
  • Be iJustine: I guess only one person can really do this, but yea just be iJustine. Apple would be foolish not to send this girl 20 tablets to give away or decorate! Yay!

3) Self Rationalization


You also need to convince yourself that at end of the day this tablet is for you. I hate this phase so I tend to block it out while rushing for checkout button. But here are a few points to consider before ultimately making your decision.

  • Couching Surfers: Start to track how much time you spend browsing your phone or laptop while sitting on the couch, in bed, or on the shitter. If this time exceeds 15 hours a week then you need the tablet.
  • The Star Trek Rule: If you ever considered yourself a fan of any Star Trek series you must immediately buy the Apple tablet upon its release. Dude, this device is “The Pad” we saw being used to access all types of data. Frankly that is just too awesome to pass up.
  • Blackberry Owners: You just wouldn’t get it anyway. I can already hear you say ”Whaaaa, No keyboard?! That’s a crime agaisnt nature”. Don’t waste your time at the Apple store, you might miss some important sexting on your BB messenger.

Happy tableting!

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