SXSW: The Foursquare Prank Calls

→ by Sean Percival < @percival >
at 5:02am Mar 15, 2010

Location based service Foursquare is a revolutionary product that allows you to broadcast your whereabouts at any given time.

It’s also a great tool for stalking your friends.

Of course many SXSW attendees this year were happy to broadcast every spot they visited, even their hotel location. And while that may not include their exact room number that’s easy enough to come by thanks to the friendly front desk staff.

So we decided to see just how many people we could track down based on their last check-in of the night. We can not confirm or deny if there was some responsible drinking involved. In either case here is what we found when we tried to unlock the coveted “Annoy the crap out of your friends at 5am” badge.

*Update: Some took this joke better than others so we have updated the video to include the best call of the night, the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk:

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