The Babes of #Boobquake

→ by A.V. Flox < @avflox >
at 8:50pm Apr 26, 2010

Last week an Iranian cleric declared that scantily-clad women caused earthquakes. The web rose in revolt, creating a Facebook event, which at press time boasts 210,864 confirmed guests, and a Facebook page, which now has over 68,000 fans.

And since we — cough — read — cough — the web so you don’t have to, let us present to you the highlights of this natural phenomenon:

photo by Heather Henderson

photo by Jessica Janson

photo by Kristýna Mazúrová

photo by Katerina Karbanova

photo by Adrianne Curry

photo by Ndidi Nwajei

photo by Wei-Te Kao

photo by MyWebs

photo by Kate Sumbler

photo by Jacqui Jackson

photo by contralto

photo by Angela Tait

Not to be outdone, that bombshell Maria Orlova at Hot For Words made her very own #boobquake video to commemorate the occasion.

And, of course, there’s a #boobquake song:

It started with the claim from a cleric in Iran:
loose women bring on earthquakes. Do you think we can?
It wasn’t ’til he said it that we knew we had such power
and now were gonna use it to shake down your ivory tower.

Boobquake! From Purdue to Pensacola!
Bookquake! We’ll rock the Ayatollah!
Boobquake! How is it a sin?
Boobquake! Show a little skin.

If tits can cause an earthquake, how far should we go
to instigate the start of a Mideast volcano?
You taught us, Mr. Cleric, flaunting is the ticket –
if you have a problem, let me show you where to stick it.

Did you participate? Pics or it didn’t happen.

Images credited where appropriate. Banner by Aiste Janciauskaite.

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