@Jason to Perform Live Facebook Harakiri

→ by Sean Percival < @percival >
at 10:09pm May 19, 2010

At 1pm this Friday local entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis (@jason) plans to delete his Facebook account. But wait there’s more…

Always the showman, Calacanis plans to broadcast his Facebook deletion live on the Internet. In an email dispatched today he gives his reasons for the social media seppuku:

“Simply put, I no longer trust Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg with my information.

Additionally, Facebook has become a waste of time for me. Every minute I put into Facebook is a minute I will never get back. It’s time I could have spent writing one of these emails to you guys, finding new startups to invest in, working on Mahalo.com (almost profitable!) or spending time with my family.”

Calacanis goes on to say:

“We signed up with Facebook to share photos and updates with our friends and families. You duped and double-crossed us by giving *your* partners *our* private information so you could begin your world domination plans one Javascript include at a time.

Essentially, Facebook is reselling our data in order to get websites to add the “Like” button. It may not be a cash transaction yet, but it is clearly quid pro quo. If you want to give the world a gift, how about letting us export our own data?”

And finally offers some alternatives to Facebook:

“If you’re tired of Facebook’s games, I suggest that you use the following services: Twitter.com for Updates, Flickr.com for Photo Sharing and Geni.com for your family tree. Those three services are much better for their individual functions (updates, photos and family connections) than Facebook!”

What are your thoughts on Jason’s comments and forthcoming “unliking” of Facebook?

Do you plan to join him Friday or participate in other anti Facebook movements like the Facebook Protest?

If you share this post on Facebook will a kitten die? Best to try and find out.

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