Seesmic for iPhone Launches

→ by Sean Percival < @percival >
at 11:09pm May 20, 2010

Seesmic has finally released their iPhone app, you can get it here.

The app has been in development for some time now, at least since late last year. Seesmic CEO @loic has mentioned the app in the past but only to say it was not ready. He also went on to say something like he wanted it to be “perfect”. Of course some might argue Tweetie (now the official Twitter iPhone app) was already perfect. Those folks might even be right. However if this app isn’t perfect it’s pretty damn close.

The main UI consists of something Seesmic is calling “spaces”. In some sense it feels like a mini social OS, or in this case mobile OS. Similar to the home screen of the iPhone, you have a grid of tiles you can move around and rearrange as you see fit. Each tile can connect to things like a Twitter account, Facebook login and even things like Twitter search queries.

Seesmic “Spaces”

I’m still poking around and getting to know the Seesmic iPhone app. You can check it out yourself now in the app store and watch the below video for the guided tour. If you look closely you might even see a lalawag tweet pass by.

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