California Launches State News Aggregator

→ by Michael Arcand < @marcand >
at 3:25pm Jul 6, 2010

The state of California isn’t playing around when it comes to news resources on the Internet. They’ve launched a news aggregator website that takes information from 83 Twitter accounts, 40 YouTube channels and nearly 100 RSS feeds and pulls it all together in one news portal for the state. The new website,, was launched last week by state CIO Terry Takai as an extension of the state’s current web portal, which gets more than 7.3 million unique visitors each month. According to Takai, Governor Schwarzenegger is fully behind the project:

Governor Schwarzenegger is committed to increasing transparency and citizen engagement, to keep Californians informed of all that is happening with their state government. The State is publishing a vast amount of news and information every day. With social networking sites and automated information feeds, state agencies are making it easier for news to reach the public.  We have taken the additional step of creating this continuously updated news hub, a one stop destination for Californians to see what is happening in state government — all at a glance.

The site officially launched on June 2, 2010, with a new mobile version along with 40 apps designed specifically for smart phones. It also includes searchable maps, data on state parks, public schools, universities, libraries and more. Overall, the website includes over 76k web-based services, which includes over 700 transaction-based services provided by state agencies.

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