Goodbye from lalawag

→ by Sean Percival < @percival >
at 3:22pm Sep 16, 2010

So long and thanks for all the pageviews!

When I launched lalawag almost 2 years ago, I set out to cover the (re)emerging Los Angeles tech scene. At the time, business was good, parties plentiful and doe-eyed entrepreneurs everywhere.

There was a unique type of magic developing in this community and I wanted to capture it in some form. That spawned the idea of lalawag, appropriately born over drinks at the W Hotel in West LA.

Life was good.

Sometime later, with a tough  job and new baby, life is a little too good for the Percivals. Truth be told, we just don’t have the time to properly run this blog (or do much else).

So, we’ve decided to shut down lalawag for the time being. Both Laurie and I really enjoyed running this site and want to thank everyone for their support. We both look back on this little passion project of ours with great memories and accomplishment, but my wife (who took over the publication for most of its run) is now trading blogging for diapers. Personally, I’m not sure which is worse.

As for myself, I’m working too much and missing the simpler days when I had the time to blog. I’ll recapture that time at some point and hope you’ll still be around to listen.

Sean and Laurie Percival

If there is someone out there who can better support lalawag, you should probably contact us.

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