Headlines: New Android Virus, the Scribe, and Standard Phone Chargers

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at 11:46am Dec 31, 2010

New Sophisticated Virus Threatens Android Phones

US security experts are reporting that a virus infecting mobile phones using Google’s Android operating system has emerged in China. The new Trojan affecting Android devices can reportedly compromise “a significant amount of personal data on a user’s phone and send it to remote servers,” Lookout Mobile Security said.  The virus is considered the most sophisticated Android malware seen to date.  However, users likely to be affected are those downloading Android apps from China, the company said.

The infected apps included repackaged versions sold in China of Monkey Jump 2, Sex Positions, President vs. Aliens, City Defense and Baseball Superstars 2010.  “It is important to remember that even though there are instances of the games repackaged with the Trojan, the original versions available in the official Google Android Market have not been affected,” the security firm said.


HTC files a trademark for “Scribe”

Mobile phone manufacturer HTC has officially jumped on the tablet bandwagon.  That is, if a trademark filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is any indication.

The company filed the trademark for the “Scribe” handheld electronic device on Dec. 26. “This will provide an alternative to the iPad,” Will Stofega, program director at consulting firm IDC, told Bloomberg News. “It will compete on pricing, and could be as good or better.”

Apple’s iPad proved to be an instant success and continues to dominate the tablet PC market, which was dormant before Apple introduced the highly popular iPad this year. Competitors Samsung, HP and Palm have all scrambled to produce their own tablet computers, though it is unlikely that any of them threaten Apple’s comfortable lead on market share in the next couple of years.

Apple is also likely to release an updated version of the iPad in the first quarter of 2011. Competition in 2011 is already heating up, though, with BlackBerry maker Research In Motion’s tablet, the PlayBook, planned for early 2011, while the Android-running Samsung Galaxy Tab has reportedly already exceeded the 1 million units mark. Dell currently offers the 5-inch Streak tablet, and has plans for a 7-inch version.

IMS Research predicts that tablet computers based on Google’s Android operating system will make up 15 percent of the worldwide market in 2011.



Standard phone charger to come out in 2011

Good news for consumers.  In the near future, all mobile phones could use a single type of charger. Reports say that the world’s 14 most prominent mobile manufacturers have been sent details by the European Commission of a new standard connection.  The technical specifications are based on the micro-USB connector that many mobile manufacturers have already begun to use. Among those that have agreed to adopt it are Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry.

European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, called on manufacturers to show their support for the new standard. “Now it is time for industry to show its commitment to sell mobile phones for the new charger. The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste and benefit businesses. It is a true win-win situation,” he said.


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