Google Voice Number Porting Rolls Out To The Masses

→ by Andy Yen < @renowned >
at 11:23am Jan 28, 2011

Earlier this week, Google announced the public availability for mobile phone number porting to Google Voice. This is pretty big news for those of us with multiple phone numbers (office/home/cell/etc.) as Google Voice lets us consolidate all our inbound calls to one number. Previously, you had to give out a separate Google Voice number to enjoy this functionality, but now you can port an existing mobile number over to the service.

Here’s a nice video that explains it if you like to understand things through pretty colors:

Now, before you run off to port your number right this second, keep in mind that doing so will terminate your existing mobile service. Only do this if you’re prepared to either switch carriers or if you’ve already worked it out with your service provider to get a new number for your current phone.

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land has a nice write-up of how the service has been working for him the last six months:

Now if anyone calls your Google Voice number (as many will, since it was your original number), the call is automatically forwarded to your Verizon phone, like this:

(555) 555-1212 > (555) 555-1213

If you have multiple phones, that same Google Voice number can ring any of them, like this:

(555) 555-1212 > (555) 555-1213

(555) 555-1212 > (555) 555-1214

(555) 555-1212 > (555) 555-1215

It’s easy to add or drop phones using the settings features in Google Voice. At one point, when I had three different Android test phones as well as my iPhone, a call to my Google Voice number would make them all ring, if I had them all switched on.

It’s obviously no coincidence that Google is rolling this feature out in time for the Verizon iPhone 4 launch in a couple of weeks. Many people are probably going to switch carriers and if you’re already doing that, why not take a stop on Google Voice Road along the way?

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