Headlines In Tech For March 22, 2011: Firefox 4 Released, AOL Folds 30 Sites, Verizon ‘Not Interested’ In Acquiring Sprint

→ by Andy Yen < @renowned >
at 11:56am Mar 22, 2011

Enjoy the sun today, Angelenos, because it may be the only respite you get from the rain for the rest of the week.

Onto the headlines:

  • Firefox 4 released – This is a major release for the web browser, you’ll probably want to upgrade if you haven’t already. Mozilla has set up a cool download counter where you can see a realtime display of downloads via glowing dots on a world map.
  • AOL folds 30 sites within its blog network – It’s a sad to see some of these go, like Urlesque, a great internet trend/video site. Kara Swisher reports that, understandably, people inside AOL are not happy with the site contractions.
  • Verizon Wireless CEO says he’s “not interested” in acquiring Sprint – Well that’s good, I suppose. Although no one would be surprised if they had wanted to escalate the consolidating arms race. He says they’re interested in being the “most profitable” wireless carrier. Basically, the wireless telecom situation is like the tagline for the movie Alien vs. Predator – “Whoever wins, we lose.”
  • iPad 2 owner’s wife says “no,” but Apple says “yes” - Probably the only time that having to return a tech gadget on account of the Missus disapproving has worked out.
  • New Angry Birds Rio game is released on iOS and Android (Free on Amazon today) - It’s a full blown sequel, but doesn’t really change the formula that much.

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