A Retrospective Of Google Product Announcements During Past I/O Event Keynotes

→ by Andy Yen < @renowned >
at 3:12pm May 9, 2011

The time for Google’s I/O developer conference is nigh upon us again (it’s tomorrow and Wednesday in San Francisco). Like Apple’s yearly World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event, it’s a chance for the tech giant to announce new products along with gathering developers (for a nominal fee of course) for keynotes, workshops, and networking. Unlike Apple, though, Google’s product launches have been generally… less than successful, save for a couple exceptions.

Search Engine Land has a nice retrospective of the different products Google has announced since the first I/O conference back in 2008. Looking through them is a little like looking down the memory lane of failure, though. Other than Android, many of the other products are either dead or strangely quiet. Anyone remember Google Friend Connect? Or Google Wave? How about all those Google TV’s that have taken over the world?

From SEL’s look back at Google Wave:

Google Wave was the star of the second day keynote at Google I/O 2009.  When I live blogged the news, I kept remarking how the developers around me were going wild while I, from my lowly user perspective, wasn’t getting how wonderful it supposedly was.

Just over a year later, with Google Wave having been released but not gaining any real traction, Google closed Google Wave. I’d count it as one of the company’s biggest failures, given the amount of prestige capital that was expended on it and expectations that were set.

Let’s Celebrate Google’s Biggest Failures! has more perspective on this. After Google Wave was closed, the leading figure behind it, the highly-respected Lars Rasmussen (who also created Google Maps), jumped to Facebook. But it’s hard to see what else Google could have done to support the project, as I wrote last year.

If rumors are to be believed, Google will finally announce “Google Music 3.0″ at this year’s I/O keynote, a cloud-based music solution. Hopefully it will be something actually worth using and not just a flashy demo like last year’s Google TV announcement.


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