Lovey Dovey Launches the Very first ‘LOVE’ Button Today!

→ by Jesse Draper < @valleygirlshow >
at 3:34pm Aug 9, 2011

Can you feel the love…on Twitter?, creators of the first ‘LOVE’ button launch!

I look back to the 50’s and 60’s, the days of ‘Mad Men’ when women kept their strong opinions to themselves and didn’t have much of a voice. Zap us back to the here and now and what have we learned through this age of social media? One thing is for sure! Everyone certainly has a voice.

Sendlove, an LA based startup, launches their first product today, the first EVER ‘Love’ button! This button will be essentially adding a like/dislike button to the interweb which allows users to more freely express opinions about people in the news.

Co-founders Chris Lyman (former founder of and Fonality) and Corey Brundage created a plugin for online publishers and bloggers alike that enables web visitors to vote up (“Love”) or vote down (“Not”) public figures (politicians, athletes, celebrities, business leaders, etc.) and participate in highly engaging conversations about them on a publisher’s website.

Here are some questions we asked Chris Lyman, CEO and Co-founder of

What about are you most excited about? changes the social conversation. It allows anyone reading a blog to publicly rate and opine on any public figure in the world. It breaks us free of the opt-in “friends only” nature of social networking. It turns readers into respondents. Welcome to the new frontier of transparency.

More specifically, how does this differ from ‘like/unlike’ on Facebook?
You can’t “like” a person. Nor can you “unfan” them. There are 3 types of nouns in this world: people, places, and things. The web has fantastic options ranging from Yelp and Amazon for places and things. We are taking care of the people. :)

Who was the first person you “sent love” to? Who will you “send love” to when the site launches?
The first person I sent a LOVE to was my mother. The first person I sent a NOT SO MUCH to was Jason Calacanis. He deserves it.

This new plugin could bring a little more humanity to the very general world of Twitter and other social mediums. It certainly makes for a great company culture. Check out their office!


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