East Coast Earthquake Generates West Coast Tweets

at 1:46pm Aug 23, 2011

At 1:51PM their time, residents of the East Coast shook, rattled and rolled as a 5.8 magnitude quake swept from New England to New York. According to the New York Times, the quake, which originated in Virgina, didn’t leave behind too much damage — aside from a whole lot of rattled nerves.

Of course, the veteran quake-survivors of the west coast had plenty to say to their shaky east coast brethren. As a small sample of our little local corner of the Twitterverse shows, the Angeleno response to the big quake news ranged from concern to comedy, pics to politics.



  • “Scary thing about east coast quakes is the buildings are not built for them — be careful, east coasters!!!” -@MarkJeffrey



  • “Earthquakes AND cold weather? The east coast has it rough. Come join us in SoCal. At least you’ll be wearing shades when the earth moves. ;)” -@Acoolong





  • “Me on ph in my NYC hotel room “uh, I think we’re having an earthquake right now” My Mom “You’re nuts, it’s just windy” TIP IT!” -@KathyGriffin



  • “East Coasters! Practice Venice Beach Earthquake safety! Find a safe bench to hide under, then live there for years.” -@Kassemg



  • “Twitter’s pace is getting insane. Within 8 minutes we went from mass earthquake tweets to people sick of earthquake tweets. Amazing.” -@PaymanBenz



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