Happy Birthday Google!

→ by Geena Urango < @urango >
at 9:45am Sep 27, 2011

Can you believe it? Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today.

Google was first introduced to the viral world in September 1998, and since then it has taken the Internet by storm.

The Washington Post made some comments about Google entering into the “gawky” teenager years that are funny, but true:

  • It’s trying to be more social: Google+
  • It’s got its hands into a little bit of everything: Travel, shopping, coupons, maps, mobile, etc.
  • It’s facing tough peers: rivalries (Facebook and Apple especially)

Google has also had some very creative birthday doodles. On Mashable you can see all of them in pictures over the last 13 years.

Google has been more than all this though…It has been a form of knowledge that many of us look to daily. Ask yourself, how many times do you Goolge something or ask Google an answer in the span of a week? How about a day? That’s what I thought.

Happy birthday Google! We can’t wait to see what the next year brings in store for us!

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