Gyroxus- The Ultimate Gaming Experience

→ by Geena Urango < @urango >
at 9:32am Nov 3, 2011

You a gamer?

Want the FULL game experience?

Then you  need to check out Gyroxus. This device adds a whole new dimension to your gaming!

“With no motors or power-assist of any kind, the Gyroxus delivers a true full-motion video gamer’s experience by combining the familiar handheld game controller with an innovative full-motion system.” In other words…Gyroxus makes every game come alive.

Just this past month, the Gyroxus Full Motion Controller was presented at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The fair is the world’s biggest electronics event, featuring more than 3,000 exhibitors from 25 countries. During the show, the Gyroxus displays as visited by more than 400 people. Each person was “WOW”ed by this gaming experience and were amazed at the smooth, speedy response of the Gyroxus, and the awesome feel of the movement you get with so little effort.

The best part? No motors or power of any kind involved.

To find out more about this ultimate gaming experience, follow the company on Twitter @gyroxus or check out their Facebook Page.

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