Got A New Tech Toy? Here Are The Tricks You Need To Know

at 10:32pm Dec 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Good Kwanzaa and a Fabulous Festivus. Whatever holiday you celebrate, odds are good you got some sort of gift over the past week or two. And, if you’re reading Lalawag, odds are also good that the gift in question was some sort of gadget.

Of course, like any good gadget connoisseur, you probably didn’t read the manual. Which means you’re likely due for a few fun new tricks to make that shiny new gadget live up to its full potential — and price tag. Fortunately, the web’s got you covered. Below is a selection of the best stories currently circling the web about how to get the most joy of your new toy.

iPhone & iPad:



Digital Camera:

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