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→ by Geena Urango < @urango >
at 5:49pm Jan 12, 2012

Take flight with Jesse Draper, host of “The Valley Girl Show ,” as she releases three new interviews this week with travel-related entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The first episode features an interview with the CEO of XOJET, Blair LaCorte.  Founded in 2006, XOJET became one of the fastest-growing private aviation companies in history, growing 130% in the past 3 years. Today XOJET serves more than 3,500 customers by operating their own aircraft and combining private jet membership and on-demand jet charter with the highest levels of service at every point of their customer’s experience.

LaCorte states that XOJET is all about technology: “We wired all of our planes as active routers. So all of them are wireless…We also issued all of our pilots with iPads, and we are the first in the world to do that. So they can actually FaceTime, video conference for questioning…and we’re also the largest owner/operator of jets in the world.”

Watch what else LaCorte has to say about XOJET, and also see Draper and LaCorte practice the Valley Girl fire drill!

The second episode in the series features an interview with Stefanie Michaels, also known as @adventuregirl. Michaels is a Twitter phenomenon with over 1.5 million Twitter followers and has been named one of Vanity Fair’s “Tweethearts.” She’s the go-to gal for all things and adventure, and has created an amazing brand by using social media.

“In the early 90′s I launched a website called TravelPartners.com. I had a nice male demographic that started calling me adventure girl because they were following my real life adventures and where I was going and what I was doing…It kind of premised a web show based off my adventures.”

To see what adventures Michaels has had and to hear some great travel advice watch the episode here:

Travel week for “The Valley Girl Show” finishes off strong with Adam Goldstein, co-founder of Hipmunk, a startup that recently raised a $4.2 million Series A from such investors as Ashton Kutcher.  Goldstein speaks with Jesse about the company and how it simplifies booking travel online by cutting through the noise.  According to Goldstein, “The process of traveling is agonizing enough. You shouldn’t have to go through even more agony when you’re searching for travel.”  Draper and Goldstein have some fun talking like “hipmunks” and playing with “hipmunks”.

But why is this company called Hipmunk you might be wondering? See what Goldstein says in the interview:

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