The New Bing Experience

→ by Geena Urango < @urango >
at 4:09pm Jun 21, 2012

Search has become more than just about finding information. It has become a way to connect, share, and interact. Just recently, Bing updated its design in a way that focuses on brining information from the Web, experts, and friends. Ultimately, Bing helps people do more.

The new Bing is now a three-column design. The first column on the left is what all search engines have: “What the Web Knows.” This algorithmic search remains at the core of the Bing search experience. This is your fact finder that helps filter, sort, and bring more relevant information on the first page to make it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The second column that sits in the middle of the page is “What Bing Knows” called the Snapshot. This column is designed to help you take action and includes information such as maps and reviews, so booking a restaurant or checking hotel rates is quick and easy. Bing also partnered with OpenTable to help you make reservations without having to leave the page. For instance, Snapshot makes searching for restaurants, hotels, movies/events, and people easier than ever before.

  • Restaurants: see summarized reviews from across the Web, location maps, one-click directions, interior panoramas, building shots, etc.
  • Hotels: see a collection of hotels with easy access to pricing data with the check-in, check-out tool, photos, maps, easy access to pricing, etc.
  • Movies/Events: see movie images, reviews, facts about the film, important links such as show times near your location, movie trailer, etc.
  • People: see social networks to help narrow down your search to the correct person

The last column on the right is “What Your Friends May Know” known as the Sidebar. This new feature of Bing really helps you get things done with the help from friends, family, and experts. This is a unique way to start conversation and bring friends and experts into your search experience from the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Foursquare, and LinkedIn). There are four different features in the Sidebar:

  • Friends who might know: Bing will bring up friends in the sidebar who have recently liked, shared or searched for content related to your query
  • People who know: Beyond friends, Bing identifies experts with knowledge in areas related to your search
  • Ask friends: Post a question to get help from your Facebook friends as you search. Bing suggests friends on Facebook who might know about the topic based on what they like or have shared. Friends can see and reply to your question on Facebook or Bing.
  • Activity feed: You can see, in real time, posts you and your friends have shared from Bing. You can help answer friends’ questions or get inspired to discover and search new things that you see your friends searching for.

Overall, this new Bing experience connects search with reality. Search on it today!

About the Author: Geena Urango


Geena Urango is a graduate student at the University of Southern California. She is currently working on her Master's in Communication Management with an emphasis in Marketing. After finishing her 4 years of eligibility at USC playing for the Women's Volleyball team, she is now training for beach volleyball, and is currently on the USA Beach Volleyball U23 team. Aside from academics and athletics, Geena has had multiple internships in Marketing/PR and aspires to pursue a career in this field. Likes: traveling, mediterranean food, sandy beach hair. Dislikes: country music, bees, slow Internet