Founder Joe Einhorn is Changing E-commerce

→ by Justine Gananian < justinegananian >
at 7:49am Jul 3, 2012

We had the pleasure of chatting with Joe Einhorn, founder of The Fancy, and asked him all about his hot new startup. Referred to as “Pinterest meets Amazon,” The Fancy is attempting to change the future of online retail by offering a new kind of discovery-driven user experience.  Members can simply “fancy” an item they come across on the site or see in their newsfeed to add it to their profile, or they can buy the item with just one click. They can also browse through various categories to narrow their search or “follow” other users who have similar tastes or styles, giving the site a strong social element.

“The Fancy is an amazing shopping utility like nothing else. You discover things via people whose tastes you admire,” Einhorn said. “The key is that you can actually add these items to your cart and buy them instantly.”

The Fancy is gaining social momentum at an impressive pace. With celebrity backers like Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher, and business backers like Chris Hughes (of Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (of Twitter), it is easy to see why numerous brand-name companies are looking to The Fancy to promote and sell their products.  We think The Fancy will soon become a go-to site for shop-a-holics, and believe me, it’s pretty addicting.

Einhorn emphasized that The Fancy is a one-of-a-kind site for both the distributer and the consumer. “The product and the experience hasn’t really changed since the Internet started,” he said. “The Fancy is an platform for an opportunity-driven commerce model that could be a big part of this new user experience.”

The Fancy has an Android App, and the iPhone and iPad apps are being released soon. The app features color search, image recognition, and additional languages for their global audience.  We’ve included a few screenshots from the site below to give you a taste of its design and user experience.

What do you fancy? Sign up today, or check The Fancy out on Twitter.


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