F.E.W.D.M. Intrinsic Motivational Movement

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at 4:44pm Jul 10, 2012

For/Forgive/Forget Everyone Who Doubts Me.

FEWDM was inspired by a young athlete who was doubted by many people throughout his life. Despite the obstacles and setbacks he encountered along the way, achieving success in sports was his goal. He proved his doubters wrong by making the varsity high school football team as a freshman. He used the idea of FEWDM to make it through his struggles.

The movement launched in early 2012 and continues to grow daily. FEWDM serves as a reminder for people young and old to always believe in themselves when everyone around them may not. The “F” is universal based on how you feel at the time of your journey or whatever season you are currently in at the time of your life.

Recently, FEWDM has partnered with KCTV CH5 news where they have committed to giving the movement a years worth of TV exposure and weekly featured FEWDM stories.

Here is a video that explains a little more about the movement:

Tony Temple, the man who started FEWDM says his “F” stands for “Forgive.” He hopes that you too will join this movement with him. You can do that by customizing your own FEWDM wrist band and by ‘Liking’ the movement’s Facebook page.

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