AudioMicro Partners With Microsoft Movie Maker

→ by Geena Urango < @urango >
at 1:35pm Aug 22, 2012

AudioMicro has announced that it has become the featured music partner in the newly updated version of Windows Live Movie Maker. Users can navigate to directly from the program’s home tab to license royalty free music and sound effects for video projects.

Ryan Born, CEO of AudioMicro, states:

We launched AudioMicro in 2008 with a heavy emphasis on the needs of independent video creators. To strike a second deal with Microsoft is really a dream come true and a tribute to all the hard work we’ve put into our library over the past four years. Over fifty percent of the entertainment value of a visual presentation comes from the music and sound. With one click access to our library, Windows Live Movie Maker users are able to create more compelling, attention grabbing videos to better engage their audience.

AudioMicro’s previous partnership with Microsoft was announced last year, whereby they supply with music and sound effects. Users were able to pick from a collection of over 1,500 royalty free music and sound effects tracks to use with any Microsoft Office project.

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