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Our Focus

Entrepreneurs are our heroes. They’re changing the world one business at a time, and they have great stories to tell. We like to focus on the personalities behind the products, companies, and brands. We work crazy hours and use our access to bring you the best business & lifestyle features, news, reviews, and profiles.

Our Audience

Our readership includes entrepreneurs, programmers, venture capitalists, the fun employed, and hollywood types. We pride ourselves on trend-spotting, and have incredible contributors who each bring unique insights and perspectives to the site.

Our Team

Lalawag is edited by Jesse Draper, Jonathan Polenz, and Andy Yen. It was founded by Sean and Laurie Percival, and is a part of the Valley Girl Media Network.

Jesse Draper

Jesse Draper is an entertainment entrepreneur, producer, blogger, writer and Twitterer. Hoping to inspire and educate those who live a life at the office, along with those who are intimidated and bored by “business talk,” she created “The Valley Girl Show” to spark the entrepreneur inside of everyone. Valley Girl is now a multi-platform new media company that includes Valleyloop & lalawag. A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, she is most well known for her supporting role as Jesse, the nanny, from Nickelodeon’s hit show “The Naked Brother’s Band”.

Likes: Chocolate, Archie Comics, Super Human Powers

Dislikes: Sharks, Brussel Sprouts, Being Cold


Jonathan Polenz

Jonathan Polenz is an entrepreneur and filmmaker with a passion for emerging media and technology. Before joining Valley Girl Inc. he worked at several venture-backed startups as well as ABC News, Dreamworks Entertainment, and Horizon Wind Energy. He has produced and directed grant and award-winning projects in Boston, NYC, Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco, L.A., London and Paris.

Likes: Public Libraries, Live Music, Keurig Coffee Makers

Dislikes: Bubble Tea, Chalk, the “Fail Whale”


Andy Yen: Editor

Andy is currently the Editor-In-Chief of My Day Will Come, a site that provides a no nonsense look at video games, music, technology, and internet culture. In another life, Andy spent some time in the music industry initially as a DJ and Music Director for a Modern Rock radio station and also in the digital music arena as a content curator for a (now defunct) large online music retailer. Although it was tough, one morning he decided to take his talents to the world of video games and tech journalism. He is also a one-time professional gamer, playing competitive Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 in the halcyon days of the late 1990′s. Despite accumulating numerous cash prize finishes, his greatest accomplishment remains utterly destroying Dustin “Screech” Diamond during a celebrity gunslinging match at a large Hollywood gaming tournament.

Likes: Cutting Edge Smartphones, First Person Shooters, Pandas

Dislikes: M. Night Shyamalan Movies, Pretentious Indie Rock Jam Sessions, Websites That Paginate Articles



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Where We’re Coming From

Lalawag was founded by Sean and Laurie Percival and quickly became the leading tech culture blog in Los Angeles. The Valley Girl Media Network acquired lalawag.com in October of 2010.

Where We’re Going

Valley Girl Media is an interactive new media startup that’s building a network of multi-platform tech, business & lifestyle properties. Check them all out!

Our Network

lalawag is part of The Valley Girl Media Network, whose other properties include:

Valley Girl Show: Let’s Talk Business

The Valley Girl Show is a fun-spirited talk show hosted by Jesse Draper that features exclusive interviews with the top CEOs and entrpreneurs in the world. Past guests have included Ted Turner, MC Hammer, and Eric Schmidt, to name a few. The show was recently labeled “Must see TV for startups!” by USA Today.

ValleyLoop: Business Made Casual

ValleyLoop is an interactive tech, business & lifestyle blog that features news, reviews, profiles, and interviews from what we like to call the Global Silicon Valley.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Victoria Yarnish | Bender/Helper Impact
310.694.3132 | valleygirl@bhimpact.com

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Various computers and algorithms tell us the following about our readers:

  • 64% Male, 36% Female
  • Average age range of 18-35
  • Mostly white folks
  • Average salary of $100,000 or more
  • Single with no baggage (kids)



lalawag gets anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 monthly readers depending on how much we write, and how often we game Google or Digg. We are directly measured on Quantcast.


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